What can lead to loss of Indian citizenship?


Ever wondered what is something that can make you lose your Indian Citizenship? In this article we will talk about the factors that can lead to loss of Indian citizenship.The Indian Citizenship Act of 1955 prescribes three ways of losing citizenship. In the previous post we talked about how can a person acquire Indian citizenship, You can read more about it here –  acquiring Indian citizenship.

1. Loss of Indian citizenship by Deprivation

This is a compulsory termination of Citizenship by the central government if

  1. The citizen has obtained the citizenship by fraud.
  2. The citizen has shown disloyalty to the Constitution of India.
  3. The citizen has unlawfully traded or communicated with the enemy during a war.
  4. The citizen has, within 5 years after registration or naturalization, been imprisoned in any country for two years
  5. The citizen has been ordinarily resident out of India for seven years continuously.

2. By Termination

When an Indian citizen voluntarily acquires the citizenship of another country, his Indian citizenship automatically terminates. This provision, however, does not apply during a war in which India is engaged.

3. By Renunciation

Any citizen of India of full age and capacity can make a declaration renouncing his Indian citizenship. Upon the registration of that declaration, that person ceases to be a citizen of India. However, if such a declaration is made during a war in which India is engaged, its registration shall be withheld by the Central Government.

Further, when a person renounces his Indian citizenship, every minor child of that person also loses Indian citizenship., However, when such a child attains the age of 18, he may resume Indian citizenship



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